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    Hainan Medical University 2019-2020 Academic Year for Application of the International Students’ Scholarship of Hainan Provincial Government

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    Hainan Medical University is the only one higher medical university in Hainan province and it is also the only one higher medical university in China’s tropical region. Our university has one class-one doctoral station, 5 academic master stations, 5 professional master stations. The major of Clinical Medicine is first major listed in the top 1% of ESI. The international students of our school are mainly cultivated for academic education. At present, Hainan Medical University has the largest number of international students of academic education. Welcome the excellent international students who apply for international students’ scholarship of Hainan provincial government to study in our university.

    I.Scholarship Coverage

     Our university has 30 scholarships of Hainan provincial government,including 20 undergraduates, 6 years of funding deadline; 10 postgraduates, 3 years of funding deadlines; It covers tuition fee, accommodation fee on campus and medical and accidental Insurance in our university. Other expenses should be afforded by students.

    II.Conditions of Application

    1.Basic conditions:

    Applicants study for a bachelor degree and are high school graduates under the age of 30.

    Applicants study for a master’s degree holder and are undergraduates under the age of 35.

    2.Other conditions:

    (1) Be a foreign passport holder,in good physical and mental condition, with good academic performance and conduct.

    (2) Be in good performance, abide by Chinese laws and meet the requirements of China Entry-exit Inspection.

    (3) Be acquired of equivalent level of Chinese or English proficiency. HSK level 4 or above is required. International students who are non-native English speakers are required to attain 6.0 of IELTS scores and 78 of TOEFL scores. The undergraduates of our university must get HSK 4 Test certificate before they graduate.

    (4) Be excellent students in their grades or international class.

    (5) Cannot get other scholarships of Chinese government.

    III.Application Documents

    (1) Application Form for Hainan Provincial Government International Student Scholarship

    (2) Notarized highest diploma attained & Academic Transcripts; (Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations)

    (3) HSK Test certificate (if any) or TOEFL , IELTS certificates;

    (4) Foreigner Physical Examination Record.

    (5) Photocopy of the passport

    (6) Applicants study for a master degree should submit the recommendation letters of two associate professors.

    (7) Applicants study for a master degree should submit a study proposal more than 1000 words.

    (8) Certificate of No Criminal Record


    1. All application materials need to be submitted in duplicate (one original & one copy). Whether the application is successful or not, the application documents will not be returned.

    2. Application materials which do not meet the above requirements will be regarded as invalid and will not be accepted;

    3. Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations;

    4. The office will not send email to every applicants, Please contact us if you need confirmation.

    5.People with color blindness or color weakness are not allowed to apply for medical majors. (Colour blindness and colour weakness screening will be carried out after freshmen enter the school. Those who do not meet the requirements are not allowed to enter the university.)

    IV. Time of Application and Approval

    1.Deadline: Before 15th, April, 2019

    2.The university will deliver materials of applicants who pass the review to Hainan Province Education Department and wait for the final admission results

    3.The university will announce the admission result officially on website, and post Admission Notice and Visa Application Form for Study in China (JW202) to scholarship winners

    4.Scholarship students must participate in an annual scholarship evaluation. Scholarship holders who fail to meet the requirements will have their scholarship cancelled.

    5.Registration Period is the second half of this year (specified in the Letter of Admission). The Scholarship will not be reserved if scholarship recipient cannot register before the specified deadline.

    V. Contact Information

    Address: School of International Education, Hainan Medical University, No.3 Xueyuan Road, Haikou, Hainan province, China.

    Post code: 571199

    Contacts: Mr Dong, Miss Chen

    Phone Number: +86-898-6689035566893760

    Fax: +86-898-66893760

    E-mail: hn_lxs@126.com