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    Notification for the 2018-2019 academic year for the international student scholarship of the Hainan provincial government

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    I.ScholarshipStandards andQuotas

    There are 20 Undergraduate Scholarships for international students of Hainan provincial government in the school year of the University of Hainan. The period of funding is 5 years. The standard is RMB 20000 yuan / year.

    II.Application Conditions for scholarship

    1.Basic condition:

    Applying for MBBS undergraduate education, applicantsaged under 30 years of ageshould receive a diploma or certificate equivalent to a senior middle school in China.

    2.Other Conditions:

    (1) The applicant must have foreign nationality and hold a foreign passport. It is good for Chinese friends and healthy.

    (2) The applicant must perform well, abide by the laws and regulations of China and the rules and regulations of the school, and conform to the conditions of entry and exit of China.

    (3) The applicant should have the corresponding Chinese or English level and provide relevant certificates, requiring HSK four level certificate (180 points) or above. If students in English speaking countries for international students English exam, non English speaking countries for internationalstudents requires a TOEFL score of 78 points and above or IELTS 6 or above, but in my learning after graduation to obtain ownership certificate four HSK.

    (4) The results of the applicant are among the best in this grade or in the international students of the class.

    (5) Other scholarships of the Chinese government have not been obtained at the same time.

    III.Application Materials: (All two copies of all materials are provided in Chinese or English)

    (1) Application Form for international student scholarship of Hainan provincial government

    (2) A notarized highest certificate of credentials; Non-Chinese and English texts should be attached to the corresponding Chinese or English translations of the notarized.

    (3) Study transcripts, transcripts of HSK or TOEFL, IELTS transcript.

    (4) Physical Examination Record for Foreigner

    (5) Copy of Passport

    (6) A notarized non criminal proof; non Chinese and English texts should be attached to the corresponding Chinese or English translations of the notarized.

    Note:Color blindness, tritanope shall not apply for medical specialties

    (Ifschoolin freshmen of blindnessandseruo screeningare wrong,the conditions will not be accepted)


    Before April 15, 2018


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